Sewardstone Road, Chingford E4

Tel: 020 8529 0367

Sewardstone Road, Chingford E4 7RG

Tel: 020 8529 0367

Northfields Nursery

Sewardstone Road
E4 7RG

Tel: 020 8529 0367


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Saxifraga 5th April

Tough hardy plants, re-growing every year.
For patio pots, hanging baskets or garden border. 13cm  Pot - £2.49.

Tomato Pricking Out 21st March

Pricking out of the first batches of tomato plants will be completed this week.  They should be ready for sale in just under 2 weeks.

Poinsettias On Sale 24th November

Poinsettias now on sale.
1.5Litre Pot - £5.99
3Litre Pot - £9.99

Autumn Chrysanthemums 2nd October

Colourful hardy autumn-flowering perennial. Ideal for patio pots, garden border and even hanging baskets. Colour for many weeks in the autumn and will re-grow each year.  7.5L Pot - £5.99.

Autumn/Winter Baskets 2nd October

Filled hanging baskets and pots for autumn and winter.
Ready to go.

Poinsettia Update 1st October

Poinsettias for Christmas have now made good growth since last picture on 15th August.  As the length of daylight continues to shorten they will start to turn red. 

Penstemon 17th August

Hardy perennial that provides colour in the Summer and through into the Autumn.  Can be used in patio pots or traditional garden border.  3 Litre pot - £4.99

Pennisetum Rubrum 17th August

Ornamental grass with deep red to burgundy foliage which provides a contarst with other plants.
3 Litre Pot - £4.99