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Sewardstone Road, Chingford E4 7RG

Tel: 020 8529 0367

Northfields Nursery

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Opening Times

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Wednesday 13 May 2020 onwards
9am. to 5pm.

Lupin Gallery 30th June 2017

Tough and hardy, re-growing every year. Dwarf compact habit with multiple flower spikes  Ideal for patio pots or traditional  garden border.  4 Litre Pot - £4.99.

Customer's Hanging Basket 6th June 2017

Email from a customer:
'we got our hanging basket from you, it is amazing - see pics attached.'

Pebbles 18th May 2017

Everyone at Northfields has been so pleased to have received so many 'get-well' wishes, and even presents for Pebbles!
She went to the vet's on Tuesday for an x-ray (click on image) and we're pleased to say that everything has healed. The bone and metal implant have grafted together very well.  
She has been 'signed off' from the vet and is now allowed to have extended periods of free exercise accompanied by periods of rest time. So over the coming weeks Pebbles should once again become a regular sight around the nursery.

West Country Lupin 15th May 2017

Outstanding new introduction.  Strong habit with excellent performance.  Ideal in a large patio pot or garden border..
7.5 Litre Pot - £9.99.

Cosmos Sonata 6th May 2017

13cm Pot - £2.49.


New Guinea Impatiens 28th April 2017

(New Guinea Busy Lizzies)
13cm pot in a range of colours - £2.49.

Dwarf Dahlias 27th April 2017

Range of colours available. Ideal for patio pots, hanging baskets or border.
13cm Pot - £1.99.

Pebbles 10th April 2017

Since early March, our cat Pebbles has been receiving specialist medical treatment for a broken ligament in her knee.
Many of our customers have missed seeing Pebbles around the nursery!
The recovery time is a about twelve weeks, during which time she has to be severely resticted so as not to put any stress on the knee joint.
On her lastest check-up, we have been told that she is making excellent progress, but we need to continue to keep her confined to a small area until the joint is up to full strength.